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ULTRA-FLO Non-Metal Series

The ULTRA-FLO Series Non-Metal Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps are available in a Polypropylene or PVDF housing.

Polypropylene is suitable for use with a wide variety of chemical applications. PVDF offers stronger chemical resistance to both acids and bases, while offering a higher temperature than Polypropylene.

Model Range

Q-MAX ULTRA-FLO Non-Metal AODD Pump MY3-50


Max flow (l/min): 609
Max pressure (bar): 7
Max air inlet pressure (bar): 7
Max solids (mm): 17
Suction lift (mwc): Dry: 6.5 Wet: 7.62
Fluid ports connection (inch):  2”150 #Flange
Air inlet ports (inch):   3/4” NPT
Wetted end (weight) (kg) Polypropylene: 42 PVDF: 59